A simple way to stay connected to your people.

ChurchLink is the easiest to use ministry tool in the non-app space. It's a one-page mobile hub that will help you connect with each person that enters your church or watches your services online, giving them access to the information you want them to know now.

Case Study

How King's Community uses ChurchLink

Serving a congregation of 120 people, King's Community Church uses several digital tools each week to communicate with their community Monday thru Friday.

As is the case with many churches, King’s Community became overloaded with the tools (and apps and widgets) it takes to stay on track with a large group of people. They needed a tool belt to connect all of these mediums with their people.

Meet ChurchLink.

ChurchLink provided the King’s Community staff with two immediate benefits: it’s easy to launch and it’s easy to use.

“With ChurchLink this job is simple. Not only is ChurchLink itself easy to edit, but it serves as a hub for all of the other mediums I need to check and update. It’s like a opening a table of contents.”

The other benefit shines on Sundays.

ChurchLink is a central hub for every person sitting in service or watching online. It gives King’s Community the ability to share pertinent upcoming info (calendar dates, giving portals, and programming details) while keeping them connected to the service happening right in front of them.

“Instead of fighting the battle of keeping our people off their phones, we are able to harness it as a tool and empower the current moment.”

King’s Community continues to see the benefits of using ChurchLink each Sunday. Check out their ChurchLink page here.


A direct connect to your people

Pick a plan to connect your congregation with your church’s most important news and notes.


$15 /mo
  • Full access for your entire congregation

  • Beautiful, professionally designed elements to make your message stand out

  • 24/7 email support

  • Immediately get access to new features


$120 /yr
  • All the same great features

  • Prepay for the first year and save 33%

“ChurchLink is an easy to use platform that’s allowing us to engage people in a meaningful way. The design is simple, intuitive, and professional, and it’s affordable for a church plant like ours.”

Gabe deGarmeaux
Pastor, King's Community